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For a Successful Trip

1. Limit yourself to two pairs of shoes and two pairs of pants, and wear the heavier items on the plane. (Bonus points if you can pull your trip off with just one.)

2. Don’t pack more than a week’s worth of clothes. For longer trips, plan to do laundry along the way.

3. Pack only garments that can be color-coordinated with everything else in your travel wardrobe. If it doesn’t work in multiple outfits, leave it at home.

Secluded VIP areas

Yes, hotels have VIP areas, however they aren't normally secluded. Unless you're Justin Timberlake and block off an entire floor – normally that just isn’t the case for normal folks that want a little bit of privacy. Even in the hotel VIP areas, you’ll be next to others that might be a little too noisy for your liking.

Towels are always re-stocked

You definitely won’t run out of towels on a resort. Towels are easily accessible both on the resort and in your room. The cleaning crew re-stocks them every morning. Out on the beach, towels are also so easy to find.

Unique fitness facilities

Yes, (most) hotels do have gym areas. However resorts tend to offer so much more than just an actual gym facility. Certain resorts go the extra mile by also providing an outdoor fitness area. This is usually composed of various mats, bands and weights. This is a perfect location for an aerobic type of workout.

For a Successful Trip

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Put All of Your Electrical Items in an Old Toiletry Bag

Don't waste anymore time fishing around your bag for your electronics and chargers. Throw them all into a water-resistant, zippered toiletry bag, making them easy to find, easy to decipher, and safe from spills.

Stuff Some Plastic Grocery Bags into Your Suitcase

Pack a few extra plastic grocery bags in with your stuff. Don't want to wait for that wet suit to dry, or have the time to clean off those sandy sneakers? Throw them in a bag! We also love using plastic bags to cover our cameras and phones.

Pack an Infinity Scarf

The infinity scarf is like the soybean of travel necessities. These wonderful stretches of cloth can be used for so much more. Think pillow, face cover, over-the-shoulder beach bag, dust mask, wrapping breakable items in your suitcase thingy, etc!

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